AAA is a relatively new Facebook product and we expect people to try it as they have done with other Facebook products such as AEO, VO, Power of 5, CBO, Ad Set Optimization and others.

Although Bango Audiences don’t plug into Facebook AAA, we recommend you run campaigns and ad sets with Bango Audiences alongside AAA. The two products are not mutually exclusive and target different objectives.

It is risky to put all your ad campaign budget into a single strategy/product, especially as you have no manual control over AAA. We expect most users to run AAA alongside other ad campaigns. Most users will continue to use their own customer lists as well as other audience/media sources to compare how they perform. The budget for each campaign strategy can then be adjusted to reflect performance and ROI. So we recommend running Bango Audiences alongside AAA.

Secondly, Bango Audiences are built from information on users who have paid for specific titles outside of Facebook. Bango can build paying user audiences in a way no other provider can, including Facebook.

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